Why Choose Luxury Shower Curtains

Luxury shower curtains – When decorating your bathroom, do not just consider the tiles, the furniture or even all the elements that could bring color to the room! If having privacy (even in your own bathroom) is paramount, your shower or tub is hidden behind a thick curtain. The latter can easily become a decorative accessory that revamps or adds an aesthetic side to the space! To avoid splashing, there are various elements including the shower wall, the shower door or the shower screen.

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However, these products are real investments. The shower curtain is a practical, economical and easy to install solution. Moreover, it comes in several models. It becomes easier to accessorize your shower with the decor of your bathroom while preserving its privacy. The shower curtain hangs easily on a shower bar.

There are several types of bars: the stretch straight bar with suction cup for any type of shower, the corner bar and the bar without circular wall or semicircular. For walk-in showers or for a touch of modernism, choose a wall-free shower bar that attaches to the ceiling or wall. An anti-mold treatment is required before installation. Good to know: the polyester shower curtain and the cotton curtain are more expensive than a PVC shower curtain. You have to double or even triple the purchase price.

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