How To Use Closet Door Curtains

Curtains are a simple option and an elegant alternative for wardrobe doors. to use closet door curtains, starting with draw a sketch of the wall and opening the closet door on a piece of paper. Try different possibilities for the closet door with the sketch. Determines: Should the closet door opening be completely covered? Does upholstery with retentions on one side satisfy the view? Will the curtain sconces coincide with a rod with the decoration?

Alternative Closet Door Ideas

Will it be linked from behind or in front? Will the closet door curtains hang on the door? Will the curtain closet door alternatives hang over the door? Do you want to camouflage the door or create a focal point? Second, measure the length and width of the cabinet opening. Record the measurements. This will be the minimum you will need to cover the opening of the closet door completely. Third, measure the length and width of the desired coverage. This will depend on whether you hang the bar inside the frame of the closet door or over the door frame, like a window.

Fourth, select the curtains or appropriate material to create curtains, bars, tie-downs. Or also retentions that you wish to use for the opening of the closet doors. Fourth, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the bars, brackets, clamps, retentions or sconces you have selected. Last, slide the curtain on the bars and adjust the curtain or curtains in the final position as an alternative cabinet door. You can use them in front or behind; organize as you wish.

12 How To Use Closet Door Curtains Photos