Decorative Modern Bathroom Vanities

Modern bathroom vanities is often a focal point in the bathroom; highlight yours with colorful crystals, tile or the charm of the old World. If your style is traditional, eclectic, contemporary, rustic or modern, you can modify an existing dresser or a piece of furniture to adapt to the aesthetic.

Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Decorate a vanity cabinet with ceramic, glass or river-rock tiles to coordinate with the design of your bathroom. Install tiles 4 inches square or smaller through a painted or stained surface using a water resistant adhesive. Space of ceramic glass or tiles with spacers to create a uniform pattern. River stone tiles are available in interlaced sheets so that the final design looks more natural. After the adhesive dries, grout the joints of the tiles in a color that suits your design.

Complement a traditional bathroom or on the beach with themes with a beadboard dressing table. Then cut a sheet or two of beadboard panels to fit in the vanity cabinets, doors and fronts of the existing drawers. Glue the beadboard to the toilet with waterproof construction adhesive and secure the perimeter with nails without a head. And then install decorative elements on the edges of the panels using the same process. Beadboard is often sold pre-prepared in white. After the vanity cabinet is covered, paint the beadboard with latex paint designed for areas of high humidity.

12 Decorative Modern Bathroom Vanities Photos