An Introduction To Italian Furniture Bedroom Set

Italian Furniture Bedroom Set – Italian furniture can actually be very diverse in design. In ancient Rome, where period architecture generally very complicate with intricate columns, fountains and frescoes. The need for furniture was equally unnecessary. The architecture is design to look attractive while the furniture. Elegantly elegant but still simple, is design primarily for comfort.

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However, other furniture styles can character by having the opposite quality. This style, known as the Tuscan style after the area where it was first produced, is, on the contrary. Generally very decorative and often combines the use of materials such as iron or marble. Tuscan style also tends to introduce a combination of unique architectural elements into the design that makes it attractive and spectacular. Further division of Italian furniture can lead us to categorize it into a number of different styles. This will include Baroque, Renaissance and Rococo styles that are very similar to modern. Tuscan styles that can all erase back into the fourteenth century and beyond.

The pieces that will display in ancient Italian homes will include sofas, benches and chairs, tables and chests, cabinets and of course beds. In the dining room, or “triclinium” small and low tables surround by two or three reclining couches of various sizes. The bedroom or “cubiculum” equip with a sofa call a “lectus” to use as a bed and as a place to sit and relax. The lacquer sofa frame stretch with leather straps where the mattress is make of straw, wool or fur.

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